Rossendale B&B is located on the edge of Chiseldon, a village in the borough of Swindon,under the lee of the Marlborough Downs. It is a mile south of junction 15 of the M4 motorway, on the A346 between Swindon and Marlborough.

The village has a school, Chiseldon Primary School, an 13th Century Anglican Church, two pubs (The Patriots Arms and the Plough Inn) and a Social Club. Chiseldon Holy Cross Church, a doctors’ surgery, as well as two Hotels, a Petrol Station, two shops (one housing a Post office) and various other businesses.

The engineering consultancy firm Halcrow Group Limited operates from Burderop Park, located in the parish.


Settlements in the area date back to prehistoric and Roman times, but Chiseldon itself was started by the Saxons. The village was included in the Domesday Book and was called Chiseldene at the time.

Chiseldon lies on one of the country’s oldest highways, the Icknield Way, although this section of the road is more commonly known as The Ridgeway between two Iron Age Forts Barbury Castle and Liddington Castle. You can walk the Ridgeway south via Barbury and Avebury eventually coming to Stone Henge, or east towards Wantage, past the famous Uffington Castle with its famous White Horse. Eventually the Icnield way takes you to the Magog Hills south of Cambridge.

Recently a set of twelve copper alloy Iron Age Cauldrons, dating from the 1st or 2nd Century BC were discovered near the village. They are now at the British Museum.Path_down_to_The_Green_and_Washpool_in_Chiseldon

The Midland and South Western Junction Railway line was constructed in 1881 and ran through the centre of the village until 1961, with a station that linked the village directly to Swindon Town station to the north and Marlborough to the south.

During the First World War an army camp was built in the south of the parish east near Draycot Foliat. After the war it was used for a time as a vocational training centre and during the Second World War accommodated both British and American troops. It was occupied by the army until about 1963 but from 1967 only some married quarters remain and most of the camp is now returned to agricultural or equestrian use.

The village has an active Local History Group and a small museum.

The Parish

The only Church in the parish is the Church of England, Holy Cross which is jointly used by Anglicans and the congregation of Methodists in the village. Holy Cross parish joins with the Parishes of Ogbourne St George and Ogbourne St Andrew to form the Ridgeway Benefice in the Diocese of Salisbury, unlike the rest of the borough of Swindon, which is within the Diocese of Bristol.

The Parish of Chiseldon encompasses not only the village but also the neighbouring hamlets of Coate, Draycot Foliat and Hodson. Draycot Foliat once had its own Church and Parish in the Medieval period, but in 1571 the Bishop of Salisbury ordered the Church in Draycot to be demolished, as neither parish could sustain their own rectors any longer. As Chiseldon was the larger, Draycot was incorporated into its Parish, and the materials from the Church in Draycot were used to repair the church in Chiseldon.

Mysterious HappeningsCrop_Circle_at_Liddington_Castle

The area around Chiseldon and Draycot Foliat is on the edge of Crop Circle country. A number of these huge mysterious shapes appear each summer.

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